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The Treatment® retail line utilizes decades of experience in marketing quality products to car collectors, show car owners and professional detailers. We offer a worldwide reputation for providing the highest quality cleaning and detailing products available. Each item in The Treatment® product line is easy to use, non-abrasive, and incorporates the latest advancements in technology and chemical innovation to deliver the ultimate in shine and protection to any automotive surface.

Waxes, Polishes & Compounds

A full range of liquid and paste waxes, along with polishes and compounds for all automotive finishes. Manufactured from high quality ingredients like pure carnauba waxes and high-tech polishing agents. A unique product exists for every automotive finish. Rubbing compounds are excellent products for removing oxidation and imperfections from the surface of an older or abused paint job. While our polishes remove swirls and fine scratches resulting in a smooth and shiny finish.


Car Wash Soaps

All of The Treatment® soaps are environmentally friendly. Crafted to deliver ultra high-sudsing action and a streak free clean rinse. Choose from High-Suds Car Wash for a thick creamy easy to rinse lather, or our world famous Wash & Wax Car Wash Concentrate that gives you a fresh waxed shine with the ease of washing your car! Our special formulas dissolve easily in hot or cold water. After washing, water will bead on the surface, eliminating spots and streaks.

Tire Dressings & Protectants

We offer a full range of silicone and non-silicone protectants and dressings for all rubber, vinyl and plastic parts of the vehicle. Protectants for all interior parts of the auto, and super glossy tire dressings for the tires. A full range of protection for these surfaces in a variety of formulations resulting in a long lasting shine. Restores dull, faded trim and difficult to remove wax residue, while protecting the surface from future sun damage. Works as well on worn tires as well as on showroom new tires.


Cleaners & Degreasers

A full range of safe and effective spray cleaners for all interior or exterior areas of the auto. From high-tech, alcohol based Glasstex to our easy to use and biodegradable Upholstery Shampoo, you are sure to find the right cleaner for any surface of your vehicle. High tech formulas get rid of all types of staining, yellowing and hazing leaving surfaces clean with a beautiful shine. We offer streak-free, smudge-resistant and odor-eliminating solutions to all your car’s needs.

Air Fresheners

We offer high quality, oil based air freshener sprays. 8 different scents in all. Packaged in durable glass bottles, strong enough to hold our quality fragrances. Choose from 2 different standard case packs, each with a full color fold-out retail display and 4 unique scents. Easy to use non-aerosol spray, handy enough to carry with you or keep in the glove box. Or get our famous protectant shine that comes in 3 fresh scents. It’s a protectant and air freshener all in one!


The Treatment Retail Catalog - 2018

Thank you for your interest in The Treatment® car care products. Here you’ll find our 2018 Retail Catalog in both English and Spanish.

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The Treatment Catalog - English

The Treatment Catalog - Spanish


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